Across America and the world, the venerable Pitbull is under Attack in the Press, the courtroom, and by the media. Sensationalized reporting has cast a dark cloud over what had once been a shining star in the dog world.

This attack on Pitbulls is unwarranted!


For more than a century PitBulls were among the country's most respected breed. Because of its loving disposition and willingness to please its master, it quickly became known as "America's Breed". Television shows such as "Our Gang" (Little Rascals) embraced the breed, with "Pete the Pup" introduced to homes wherever a TV resided in the Late 1920'S. Owning a PitBull like Petey, became a dream of many a small boy.

Attesting to the popularity of the breed is the fact that, the Pitbull is the only dog to appear on the front cover of "Life Magazine"... three times! Its accomplishments and meritorious service are well documented in the annals of history and the hearts of men. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of Pitbull lovers take exception to the Pitbull attacks being perpetrated by misinformed media outlets and a deceived public.

american bully


Sadly, the tide in recent years has turned against this American Icon. Stories of Pitbulls fighting and even more so, irresponsible ownership, has cast the once revered pitbull breed into the realm of trepidation.

Beginning in the late 1970's the pitbull breed began to be noticed by certain elements of the population as a status symbol. Owning a Pitbull was a way of making an immature male feel as if he was now somebody; a force to be reckoned with. The Pitbull was not the first dog to fulfill that need and play the role. Such has been played out for centuries by whatever happened to be the breed of the local or era.

Many remember it was the German Shepherd, and then the Doberman, and then the Rottweiler. All of which suffered negativity, in the hands of irresponsibility.

But yet, what is noteworthy is the fact that the actions of a few foolish immature owners can tarnish an entire breed, not only the breed, but the sterling reputation, built upon millions of owners and pitbull lovers.

In a short period of time, these new American Bullies, as they have begun to be called, are now the number one dog of choice in many areas of the United States and even overseas.


But what is even sadder to see is the reputation of this loving breed, being further attacked by the very ones who claim to love the breed, but yet by their own actions; betray it. It is interesting to note that currently the Pitbull is probably the most popular dog in the history of the United States; according to Adam Goldfarb, issue specialist for the Humane Society of the United States.

With so many owning and loving the breed, one would think that they would come together and stand united for the love of the breed. Yet instead, many of those who claim to be gatekeepers of the pitbull, spend much of their energies in bitter infighting, condemning and attacking anyone whose image of the breed happens to be different then their own. This type of Pitbull attack is taking a toll on this loving breed.

Take a minute to visit any number of Pitbull Forums on the internet, where Pitbull fanciers gather to talk about their love for the breed, and it doesn't take one long, to see where much of the trouble the breed is experiencing today lies as hypocrites attack any pitbull that doesn't fit their narrowed minded view of what a pitbull should be.


The Pitbull is probably the most popular dog in the history of the United States; according to Adam Goldfarb, issue specialist for the Humane Society of the United States.

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We look at how the pitbull breed has been shaped throughout history, and who shaped it. We also examine why many breeders today are looking to reshape pitbull history by breeding out the dog aggressive tendency that sadly has been bred into the breed.


Spend some time looking at PITBULL PICTURES and you will quickly note a large diversity of looks and appearances. This is unlike many breeds where breed standards, play a role in assuring that all dogs of a given breed, pretty much look alike. Yet today this is not the case with the PitBull. A number of breeders in recent years have worked at creating their own version of the Pitbull.

white and fawn pitbull puppy


And it is in these differences that those who prefer the more traditional American Pit Bull Terrier look to take offense. They claim that those who are breeding such dogs are fowl and that their dog lines are nothing more than mutts. Instead of embracing the wonders of diversity, much the same as the country has done with spectrum of different peoples that make up the population of the country; they breathe hatred much akin to the loathing of various separatist groups.

If your PitBull doesn't fall into the mold that they have chosen, it is an abomination, something to be cut off from the earth. This narrow minded approach of attacking anyone who does not agree with their view is as damaging as the perception of Pitbulls fighting. Yet, does the real, the true history of the breed support such detestation?

The fact is; every breed of dog was at one time, someone's attempt at improving a breed. Unless the dog of your choice happens to be a Wolf, a Coyote, or a Dingo; it is safe to say; it is the creation of someone who deviated from some standard, either real or imaginary.


Those who consider themselves to be Pitbull Gods, foolishly ignore the history of multiplicity within the Pitbull breed itself. It is a well established fact, that the Pit Bull found its beginnings as Bull fighters in England, where every county had their own version of the breed. The exact make up of the breed varied from County to County.

As to what dogs were used throughout history to establish the breed, cannot be said for sure. It is known however that Bull Dogs of various breeding would have played a foundational role.

Later in history when the breed found its way to the United States, unscrupulous individuals began to engage the Pit Bull into dog fighting rings. These unprincipled amoral breeders began to shape history of the breed through selective breeding into Pit fighters. These fighting pitbulls were much different than the pitbulls that were originally brought over from England. With the main difference being the fighting pitbulls were smaller in size, thinner and leaner. These fighting pitbulls were bred for the singular purpose of putting on a good show in the Pit.

And it is this version of the pitbull that some foolhardy traditionalist insist is the only historical standard that should wear the name Pitbull. They, while pointing at the bastardized fighting pitbulls of the backwoods criminal, completely ignore the versatility on which the history of the breed was founded

Of course the "American PitBull Terrier" by which this ever changing breed was originally named, as it found its way into and out of several registries throughout history, has itself continued to evolve with time.

The Pitbull is probably the most popular dog in the history of the United States; according to Adam Goldfarb, issue specialist for the Humane Society of the United States.


In recent years, breeders attracted to some of the outstanding characteristics of the breed realized a new and better direction for the modern pitbull. They reasoned that it was not in the best interest of the breed and future history to continue breeding it along the lines of a Pit fighter. It was with foresight that they reasoned; to continue breeding a pitbull with "gameness" (the quality that drives the pitbull to continue to fight at all cost), was not, and is not, the best direction for the modern Pitbull.

With that as the mission, came the emergence of the most successful breeding programs in the history of the pitbull breed and perhaps any breed. These new breeders want to make sure the new pitbull is unsuitable for fighting and that they never have to hear of pitbulls fighting again.