World Class Pitbull Breedings

Bartender & Lucia - Sold Out!

This was a tough decision as I had Bartender, Blue Remy and Bandit available for this breeding and really believe that Lucia would have went well with all three of them. In the end, I just have a feeling that taking Bartender to a Bra'tac daughter is going to result in something exceptional and went with my instincts on this one.

Both Bartender and Lucia have similar personalities; they love attention! I know that Lucia gets that from her mother for sure. If you spend a few minutes looking at both dogs in the PHOTO GALLERY, you will see that they are an awesome looking match up. I really believe that these pups have champion potential and would move quickly to scoop one up. The Pups are on the ground now so call me for details.

This breeding is based heavily on the pedigree

Blue Remy & Ms Heartbreaker - Sold Out!

The minute I laid eyes on this girl at 11 weeks, I knew I had to have her. And my first thoughts were how well she would go with Blue Remy. She has one of the most amazing pedigrees in the Bully world. Her dad is the World renowned HeartBreaker. Her mother is the litter-mate sister to Pratt's King Kamali.

If you know your pedigrees I don't have to tell you, that this girl was built to produce. What is even more interesting is to look at Blue Remy's blood and how and why this match-up is so extraordinary.

Blue Remy is part of what many believe to be the best litter Remy Martin ever produced. Blue Remy's litter-mate brother Dirty Sanchez is the father of ABKC National Grand Champion Dirty Money. Blue Remy's litter-mate sister Demi was bred to King Kamali and they produced Bullmaster, who is universally recognized as the best King Kamali son.

So, not only is the Blood behind Blue Remy producing, there has already been a breeding of the Blood behind this breeding that has proven to produce Bullies of stardom! And too, all you have to do is look at my production page to see what Blue Remy can produce.

This is a very exclusive breeding, therefore, I suggest acting quickly if you hope to own a dog that may have the potential to achieve legendary status. The pups are on the ground now so call me for details.

If you are wanting an !merican Bully... you will want to get in on this one

Bra'tac & Bounce Her - Sold Out!

Without a shadow of a doubt I believe that there will not be another breeding in the Bully world that could equal this one in the foreseeable future. I will stack Bra'tac and Bounce Her up to any dog, anywhere, any time! Just look at them! I'm very excited with this pairing and believe the two will produce champion caliber Bullies. The pups are on the ground now so give me a call for details!