beautiful fawn female pitbull


Spice is off of our girl Honey and our boy Bra'tac. You would be hard pressed to find a finer bred pitbull. She has all the tools; short sloping back, straight legs, block head and awesome pedigree. Read more
beautiful female pitbull

Bounce Her

"Bounce Her" comes our way by means of Ultimate Blues Kennels. When we first saw their boy "The Bouncer" we were determined that if he were paired with just the right female we would pickup something. "Bounce Her" is the result! Read more

bully female pitbull


Smoket is full sister to our boy Bandit. Bandit and Smoket have one of the best pedigrees you will find. There Grandfathers both top and bottom are litter-mate brothers of arguably the top litter of all time. Cai and Lil Ro being two of the most famous offspring of the one dog that signifies Razors Edge, the famous Purple Rose of Cairo. Read more
blue pitbull remyline


Every time I look at Honey, I am reminded of an expression of King David when he said; sweeter than honey and the flowing of the honey combs. Honey is; one sweet young lady. From her looks, to her personality to the way she walks, Honey typifies what an American bully female should be. Honey is mother of our girl Spice Read more

pocket female pitbull

Ms Heartbreaker

We affectionately simply refer to her as Missy. We could not believe our eyes when we first saw her posted for sale out of California at eleven weeks of age. We immediately made arrangements to provide Missy with a new home; ours! Missy is off of Concrete Pits; Heartbreaker Read more
remyline female pitbull


Unique is the daughter of our Blue Remy and Sheek. She possesses the physical attributes that Blue Remy is famous for producing; a wide thick chest. She has inherited from her mother energy. She is on the go constantly and will evolve herself in a wrestling match with dogs twice her size. Read more

black pitbull


When we first laid eyes upon her, it was as they say; love at first site. Take a look at the pictures below and you will see why. She has a got an incredible body! She has a body that reminds you of a prize purebred racehorse. It's easy to why she is a favorite of many. Read more
gottiline female pitbull

Blue Bells

During my trip to check out Blue Remy I noticed Blue Bells and immediately made a deal to purchase her as well. When I got her home I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had been produced by my friend Tim of Headstone Kennels. Read more

fawn and white pitbull female


What can I say about this girl that hasn't already been said by a host of interested parties! When Kiki and her Aunt Two Socks first arrived at Mr Pitbull's, I felt that I had just won the lottery. She is absolutely stunning, both in photo and in person. She is truly old school Razors Edge. Read more
cairo razors edge daughter

Two Socks

How many times have you heard the expression; They don't make em like that anymore. Two Socks is one of only a few producing direct daughters of the legendary Purple Rose of Cairo, the greatest dog of the most popular line of dogs; Razors Edge. Read more

brindle pitbull female


We really wanted to add some Brindle (tiger type striping) into our program and Samoa was the perfect fit. Samoa has a very striking appearance, with very clean lines and a very dark face that makes her look intimidating. But don't let the looks fool you, Samoa is all love. Read more
pitbull daughter of bra'tac


Lucia has a unique color pattern that is referred to as Trindle PitBull. The name is derived from Tri Color and Brindle. If you look at the pictures you will note the Tri markings, yet at the same time you will note the Brindle pattern. Thus she is referred to as a Trindle Pitbulls. Read more

remyline pitbull female


Arcadia is a Blue Remy daughter. She well illustrates the correct and thick build that Blue Remy is famous for producing. Arcadia is a dog that loves affection. She is not as demanding in the pursuit of attention as is Samoa and Gypsy, but definitely requires love. Read more
pitbull female


You want to talk about a dynamo Sheek has energy to burn! And she does so in every play session with a passion. Sheek loves to run and jump. We get a kick at how she springs along like a Gazelle! Her daughter (Unique) possesses those same characteristics. We therefore conclude such traits to be hereditary. Read more

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